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The Last of Us Part 2, exactly? Not just thematically in comparison to the size of the original game, but in cold, hard terms.

Inbox seems to have been generally impressed by the PS5 reveal, although opinion is divided on Naughty Dog as a developer.

The Last of Us Part II, for the PlayStation 4, couldn’t have known the world would actually be desolated by a deadly virus.

The Last of Us 2 ending explained: A spoiler filled look at what it all means – The Last of Us Part 2 ending had the tough job of not only following up what is generally considered to be one of the best.

"The signature of a Naughty Dog game is going an extra mile or two miles," says co-game creator Anthony Newman.

Tips For Playing The Last Of Us Part 2 – It’s been seven years and an entire console generation, but we finally have another Last of Us game. Out today for.

Everyone is talking about The Last of Us Part II. In many ways, it’s the gaming event of 2020. After a seven-year absence,

View partners We review The Last Of Us Part II to see if it can possibly live up to the legacy of its totemic predecessor In.

I tried to sabotage the hype for myself by diving straight into all the leaks and rumors that surfaced in April. Part of it.